August 2014

Tata Zimbabwe increases business as a result of happy customers

Ensures that customers are satisfied with the Tata experience

Truck display at Proton Bakerie's facilities

Tata Zimbabwe (Blackwood Hodge Zimbabwe) has recently enjoyed the rewards of excellent customer service by receiving a large order for the Tata LPT 709 model, which is a 3-tonne truck or medium commercial vehicle. The customer, Proton Bakers, had initially bought two of these medium trucks in January, and was very satisfied with the product even though it was the first time that they would use Tata trucks for their deliveries.

Proton Bakers is one of the top three bakeries in Zimbabwe and as such they deliver to many locations, and in certain areas travel long distances to deliver. They returned in May 2014 to purchase a further ten units and have also made an undertaking to purchase another four units before the end of the year. If all goes according to plan, the customer hopes to have a fleet of 40 Tata trucks by mid 2015.

This is testament to the Tata brand being synonymous with quality and being very popular in the African market.

The Tata Zimbabwe dealership has also offered to provide training to Proton Baker's workshop team so that they have good knowledge of basic maintenance checks on Tata trucks.

This goes a long way in ensuring that the customer is satisfied with the Tata experience.