February 2012 | Nozipho Mbanjwa

Tata Africa Services (Nigeria) supports primary health care in Lagos

Tata Africa Services (Nigeria) donates a mobile health clinic to Lagos, which offers a range of health care services from treatment for malaria and minor injuries to surgeries and testing for HIV/Aids

From left: Sudeep Ray, executive director, TASNL; His Excellency Babatunde Fashola, executive governor, Lagos; Dr Yewande Adeshina, special adviser of health to the governor of Lagos; Gerard Nayagam, GM, TASNL; Dr Jide Idris, commissioner of health, Lagos

Nigeria is considered an economic powerhouse in the African continent. However health care continues to be a challenge, with health issues plaguing a large part of the population. Poor infrastructure makes access to primary health care difficult; there is increasing shortage of trained health care professionals as they pursue greener pastures outside the country; and the number of clinics and hospitals is inadequate for the bourgeoning population. 

Aware of these problems, Tata Africa Services (Nigeria) has partnered with the state government of Lagos to increase primary health care facilities to rural and semi-urban communities and to ensure that those at the bottom of the pyramid benefit from qualitative medical care.

As part of this joint initiative, Tata Africa Services (Nigeria) donated a mobile health clinic to Lagos on January 27, 2012. The occasion was graced by the presence of the executive governor of Lagos His Excellency Babatunde Fashola.

At full capacity, the mobile health clinic will be able to serve up to 40 patients a day with over 14,000 consultations per year. It will visit a suburb or local council area each week, offering a range of primary health care services such as treatment for malaria, tuberculosis and minor injuries; surgeries; and testing for HIV/Aids, among other ailments. 

The mobile health clinic donated by Tata Africa Services (Nigeria)

The vehicle which has been converted into the health clinic has been manufactured by Tata Motors to the highest production standards and is designed for the rugged African plain. It affords patients and doctors the basic amenities of private examination chambers, covered canopies for waiting patients, and adequate storage for medical supplies. 

This initiative not only enjoys the support of the executive governor but also that of the health and environment commissioners. Tata Africa Services (Nigeria) is optimistic that the initiative will grow and expand nationally in the near future.