April 2012 | Lesley Sutton

Tata Africa Services (Nigeria) sets the pace in waste management

The Lagos state government acquires 100 Tata garbage compactor trucks to improve waste management as part of its 'Keep Lagos Clean' campaign

Left to right: Ms Abimbola Jijoho-Ogun (GM, LAWMA), Ola Oresanya (MD and CEO, LAWMA), and Gerard Nayagam (TASNL)

Waste management has taken a turn for the better in Lagos state, a turn that will set the pace for efficient waste management across Nigeria. The state government over the recent past has not relented in its efforts, through its transformation programmes, to ensure that the 'Keep Lagos Clean' campaign is actualised. It set up an agency and put in place modalities for the effective management of waste generated in the state. 

The move by the state government to replace the existing Tokumbo garbage compactors, which were before now used for the collection and disposal of waste, is commendable since these trucks suffered frequent breakdowns resulting in significant downtime. The introduction of 100 brand new Tata garbage compactor trucks by the state government last year brought about a considerable change in the collection and disposal of waste in Lagos.

Tata Africa Services (Nigeria), for its part, has not relented in its promise to provide quick and efficient after-sales services to the state government. The company has set up a dedicated team and work bays for the immediate servicing, repairs and provision of spares for its garbage compactors.

Recently, Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), the state agency handling waste management, and the management team of Tata Africa Services (Nigeria) donated a Tata Ace refuse collector to the state waste management operators. The collector has a capacity to collect 1 ton of waste, and is built with a tipping system to ease the disposal of waste after collection.

Reacting to this donation, the managing director of LAWMA thanked the management of Tata Africa Services (Nigeria) for the gesture and the support they have extended to ensure successful waste management in Lagos. He went on to mention that this has come at a time when the agency is facing a lot of challenges in the collection of waste from narrow and crowded streets within the state. He pointed out that the introduction of the Tata Ace, which is a smaller vehicle, will help in this situation and further improve the waste management services of the agency.